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Elica vs Faber Chimney- Which Is Better?

Are you confused as to go with Elica vs Faber chimney? Don’t worry, this article elaborates on the differences between Elica and Faber chimneys, providing you with a base to choose the perfect brand for your kitchen.

When it comes to Indian kitchens, the amount of spices and oils used for preparing the dishes is always more. This further increases the emission of heat and smoke. It creates a hot atmosphere with a lot of smoke around the cooking area, which could lead to suffocation in extreme cases. To solve this issue, and to create a cool and relaxing atmosphere for the cooks, we have the exhaust fans. They do work, but are not 100% effective, as the warm air and odour keep revolving around the same place. But the invention of chimneys has changed the game. Chimneys are super powerful and suck all the grease, smoke, and dirt, leaving behind no trace of any build-up.

elica vs faber chimney

There are various high-end brands of chimneys in India such as Kutchina, Kaff, Elica, Hindware, Faber, etc. Among these, there’s a tough competition between Elica and Faber. And you’re probably here because you’re not able to decide between Elica and Faber. We will help you select the best brand, keep reading:

Elica vs Faber Chimney- Which is Better?

The comparison table below will help you know the basic differences between Elica and Faber Chimneys:

Basis of Comparison Elica Chimney Faber Chimney
Quality The quality of Elica chimneys is decent, but cannot be said to be top-notch. Whereas, the quality of Faber chimneys is very superior and has high build quality.
Price The price range of Elica Chimneys is affordable and economical. The price of Faber chimneys is at the higher end due to their high quality.
Warranty Provides a good warranty of up to 15 years. Faber also has a warranty coverage of over 12 years to a lifetime.
Noise Elica manufactures the quietest chimneys with a noise level of 55 to 65 decibels. Faber also produces silent chimneys with a noise level of 60 to 70 decibels.
Performance In terms of performance, Elica effectively ventilates your cooking area. Customers love the way Faber chimneys perform. Their performance is better than Elica Chimneys.
After-sales service Elica doesn’t provide good after-sales service. Faber provides commendable after-sales service which includes repairs.
Replacement Policy Elica does not replace a faulty product or defective part of the product. Faber replaces any defective items.
Design Elica chimneys  have good design, but not as classy as Faber chimneys Faber wins when it comes to design, as its products have an elegant look.
Power Its suction capacity ranges from 880 to 1425 cubic metres per hour. The suction capacity of Faber chimneys ranges from 800 to 1500 cubic metres per hour, slightly more than Elica.
Auto-clean Technology Elica chimneys have auto-cleaning options available in most of its models. Faber too has chimneys equipped with auto-cleaning technology.

In conclusion, we can say that both brands have cut-throat competition. While Faber offers a superior and premium range of chimneys at a slightly higher price, Elica provides an affordable range of products with more or less the same features. When it comes to silence and affordability, there’s no second thought, Elica is the brand. But when you prefer quality and customer service, Faber has a win. What creates a similarity between these brands is their Italian origin.

Reasons you should choose Elica Chimney:

Following are the reasons that make Elica your go-to brand for kitchen chimneys:

  • Offers a range of silent chimneys. The noise of kitchen chimneys can be frustrating and annoying, but with Elica chimneys you can have a calm and peaceful cooking atmosphere.
  • When you’ve got a tight budget, yet desire a chimney with all the essential features, then no doubt Elica is the one you should choose. It offers a wide range of models at an affordable price tag.
  • Want an extended warranty? Elica gives you what you need. It gives a warranty of up to 15 years which is commendable.
  • Manual cleaning of the chimneys is a tedious task, but look what Elica has to offer. It manufactures reasonable chimneys with an auto-cleaning feature that automatically cleans itself with the press of a button.
  • No doubt Elica’s chimneys are inexpensive, yet they do a great job of ventilating the cooking area. Their performance can be applauded.

Don’t buy if:

  • You need good customer support or after-sales service.
  • You want better design.

Reasons you should choose Faber Chimney:

Below are the reasons that make Faber chimneys the ideal ones for your kitchen:

  • Some customers have a mindset of “no compromise in quality,” and this is how Faber chimneys are. When quality is all you care about, then Faber offers an elite range of chimneys with a heavy build.
  • Repairs are a part and parcel of an equipment’s life, and customer service from the equipment brand is what customers look for. Faber provides the best customer and after-sales service with repairs and replacement policies.
  • For effective ventilation, Faber is the perfect brand. Some of its chimneys come with three baffle filters and a robust suction power motor that works wonders for maintaining non-greasy Indian kitchens.
  • If a classy design is your priority, Faber chimneys are the best. They are available in various elegant designs, that match your kitchen’s aesthetics.
  • Alongside, if you need an auto-cleaning chimney, Faber also offers the same, but they are a bit costlier.

Don’t buy if:

  • You have a tight budget.
  • You are looking for a silent kitchen chimney.


As you’ve noticed there are certain features where Faber can’t beat Elica and vice versa. But ultimately, the choice is all yours. Affordability and quietness of the chimneys are the key takeaway from Elica chimneys. Despite the fact that they are cheaper, they are equipped with all the essential features and also function effectively. Faber is known for its first-class chimneys with the finest quality, customer satisfaction, and effectual ventilation. Both brands have their benefits and drawbacks. So wisely select the chimney that perfectly fits your expectations, your kitchen, and your budget.

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