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Kaff vs Faber Chimney- Which One Is Better?

Kaff vs Faber Chimney: There is no doubt that Indian food is really very tasty, but it cannot be ignored that the smoke that comes while preparing Indian food can spoil the ceilings and surroundings of your kitchen. If you do not want yours to get spoiled then you need a better ventilation system. Chimneys are the best option for better ventilation in the kitchen. If you have a good chimney in your kitchen then the ceiling and surrounding of your kitchen are not bad.

When you go in search of a better chimney in the market, two important options emerge, which include Kaff Chimney and Faber Chimney. If you want to know Kaff vs Faber Chimney, which one is better? So read this article completely.

Kaff vs Faber Chimney – Which One Is Better?

If you want the walls of your kitchen not to get dirty and your kitchen remains clean, then it is important to have excellent ventilation in your kitchen. There are many methods for ventilation in the kitchen, but the best method is to install a chimney in your kitchen. If you are in the market for the best chimney, you only have a few good options which include names like Faber, Elica and Kaff.

If we talk about the quality chimney brands currently working at the best level in India, they include Kaff and Faber which provide high-end chimneys at the right price. People who want to buy a chimney often get confused as to which brand they should choose Kaff or Faber. If you also want to know Kaff vs Faber Chimney – Which One Is Better? So this comparison table will help you a lot:

Brand Introduction Faber is a popular Italian brand. It is a renowned name in the home appliance industry and specializes in the field of kitchen chimneys. KAFF is an Indian kitchen appliance firm based in Gurugram that mainly imports parts from China and assembles them in India.
Market Size It is said about Faber that it is a monopoly company in the chimney market which has captured 50% of the market. Kaff is one of the largest players in the Indian chimney market and covers a decent market size by providing quality work at affordable rates.
Design Faber offers various designs to the customers like Traditional Series, Decorative Isola Chimney and Sunji Series. Kaff offers its customers an auto clean chimney with stylish black glass hood, wall mounted chimney, filterless chimney and a few different types of chimneys.
Suction power The highest suction capacity offered is 1500 cubic meters per hour by Faber in their chimneys. KAFF offers a maximum capacity of 1180 cubic meters per hour in their chimney models. This is much less in comparison to Faber.
Noise Faber chimneys are considered quiet but they lag behind many other brands in the market in terms of low noise. Kaff is currently one of the lagging brands in the market in terms of low noise as many of Kaff’s models make a lot of noise.
Warranty Faber gives a warranty of up to 5 years on the motor of its chimneys, while the warranty on the same product is up to one year. Kaff gives a warranty of up to 7 years on the motor of its chimneys, while on the other hand, you can get a warranty of up to 2 years on the product.
Filter Most of the Faber chimneys come with a baffle filter which makes it suitable for Indian home cooking. Kaff uses aluminium cassette filters and heavy-duty baffle filters in its chimneys.
Price Faber is an Italian brand so generally, its chimneys are expensive. The prices of some models may even surprise you. The average price of Kaff is 7 to 8 thousand. They also have some expensive models but they are also cheaper than Faber chimneys.
Installation Chimneys can be installed in the home through extraction mode or re-circulating mode. The installation process for Kaff chimneys is easy but will require some tools.
Auto clean technology Most of the kitchen chimneys from Faber are enabled with Auto Clean technology. Only a few of the KAFF models have Auto Clean Technology.
After-sales services The after-sales service provided by Faber is quite mediocre. It’s not that much of a better experience. Kaff provides the best after-sales services. Kaff ensures that even the smallest complaints are taken care of.

Best Models from Kaff and Faber

If you want to go with Kaff then you should consider this model: KAFF 60 CM Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney, 1150 m3/hr suction Capacity with Soft Touch Control, Heavy Duty SS Baffle Filter (MILA DHC 60, Black)

kaff chimney


If you want to go with FABER then you should consider this model: Faber 60 cm 1500 m³/hr Autoclean Kitchen Chimney, 12Yr Warranty on Motor(2Yr Comprehensive), Autoclean Alarm, Mood L |Made in India

KAFF vs FABER chimney


Kaff vs Faber Chimney – Which One You Should Choose?

In this article, we have talked about Kaff and Faber, both of which are the largest-selling brands of kitchen chimneys in India and have told you the specifications of their chimneys. If you have seen the exact size of this table then it is normal that you would have understood that in most of the cases Faber chimney is better and will provide you a better user experience. But in some matters like after-sales services, Kaff is ahead of any other brand.

In such a situation, the main question is Kaff vs Faber Chimney – Which One Should you Choose? So if you are confused about choosing between Kaff and Faber, then we make it easy for you. Actually, both these brands offer their chimneys with different pricing. In such a situation, according to the pricing at which you want to buy the chimney, you can choose either Faber or Kaff brand. While on the one hand, Faber’s chimneys are expensive, on the other hand, Kaff’s chimneys are cheap.

If you want a better user experience and you do not have any budget problems then you should choose Faber but you may have to face problems related to after-sales services. But if your budget is less you can choose Kaff which provides very good kitchen chimneys at very affordable prices, but in these also you will have problems like noise problems. But both the brands make better chimneys and you can choose anyone according to your budget.


In the present times in India, if you want to install a chimney to protect your kitchen from smoke, then the names of the best brands that come to the fore are Kaff and Faber. Both these brands are dominant in the Indian sugar market and sell very good products to the customers. In such a situation, people get confused about Kaff vs Faber Chimney – Which One Is Better? This is the reason why we have prepared this article in which we have given complete information about this subject in easy language.

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